How Much are TikTok Coins, Roses & Diamonds | Worth and Usage Explained

TikTok has a wonderful economy where users can buy and spend coins for different tasks like buying something or getting virtual gifts. Most of these buying and spending activities allowed within the platform(TikTok). These activities with Roses, Diamonds, and Coins in TikTok are called TikTok Economy.

TikTok users trade with each other by changing diamonds and coins. And it is the role of platform once you have earned diamonds during your trade you can exchange them for real money. Only diamonds in TikTok economy can be exchanged with real money. TikTok diamonds are high credits in the app you get in any exchange. Collect coins buy roses then change them into diamonds and these diamonds can bring to you the real money.

During trade in the TikTok you need to be careful and hard worker because most of the virtual gifts goes to TikTok itself rather than the person who earned them in the app. This is also part of their policy if users earn coins and they spend them in exchange of something that is not meeting their terms and conditions then they can lose their credits and no real money will be given to them in exchange of any platform credits.

How User Spend TikTok Coins, Roses & Diamonds

How User Spend TikTok Coins, Roses & Diamonds
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TikTok cleverly employs a complex system to mask the truth: a significant portion of the money spent on virtual gifts goes straight into TikTok’s pockets instead of benefiting the content creators who actually receive those gifts. The amount of value a content creator gains from each dollar spent on coins varies depending on whether the coins are purchased within the app or on the TikTok website.

Additionally, the value is influenced by whether the virtual gifts are bought and given during a Live stream or a standard short-form video. Consequently, the creator’s share can range anywhere from $0.35 to $0.94 for every dollar spent on coins. Under the most common scenario where coins are acquired within the app and gifts are obtained during Live streams, the content creator ends up with a mere $0.35 for every dollar spent.

How much are TikTok coins worth?

Almost each TikTok coin worths about 1.4 cents but this price is not fixed for all users. TikTok gives a huge discount those users who buy coins in bulk at a time. The prices also depends whether you purchased from allowed resources or third party apps and parties.

Usually users buy TikTok coins from the official and allowed feature of the app that is called “Recharge”. This is a built-in option in the app for buying coins. According to the official and allowed methods of coin buying the price list is mentioned as below:

Number of CoinsPricePrice per Coin
5$0.071.4000 ¢
70$0.991.4143 ¢
350$4.991.4257 ¢
700$9.991.4271 ¢
1,400$19.991.4279 ¢
3,500$49.991.4283 ¢
7,000$99.991.4284 ¢
17,500$249.991.4285 ¢

One important thing TikTok users should keep in their mind that when you log in through web browsers the app usually charge you less in contrast with buying coins on mobile app. So always buy TikTok coins by using your computer or laptop. Browser prices of TikTok coins are in the following table.

Number of CoinsPricePrice per Coin
70$0.741.0571 ¢
350$3.701.0571 ¢
700$7.401.0571 ¢
1,400$14.801.0571 ¢
3,500$371.0571 ¢
7,000$741.0571 ¢
17,500$1851.0571 ¢

How much is a Diamond on TikTok?

TikTok comes with two types of diamonds 1) Diamonds during live stream and 2) standard video diamonds. Live stream TikTok diamonds are redeemable for 0.50 cent while standard video diamonds are redeemable with a full cent.

TikTok live diamonds
TikTok diamonds standard video

The TikTok’s main company ByteDance has announced thier new terms and conditions where they told that they are free to change their exchange policies and coin rates at any stage. So keep an eye on their recent updates and policies.

How Much is a rose on TikTok worth?

The TikTok Rose costs 1 coin, if you have one coin you can send a rose to other TikTok user. Remember sending TikTok Rose within app is 1.4 cents. After receiving rose users can convert it into cash or diamond as per thier choice. Roses in Tiktok usually used for giving gifts to other tiktok users.

How much is a TikTok Universe?

You can buy TikTok Universe in 34,999 coins and then you can also sell and transform this virtual universe to another user as a virtual gift on TikTok. Remember, if you are purchasing these coins in bulk from the app it costs you heavily but when you purchase same coins from thier website it will be cheaper for you to buy them from website. On website TikTok universe coin costs 369.99.

How much is a TikTok Lion?

TikTok Lion costs 29,999 coins. If you have standard plan on app it costs you $419.99. On website TikTok lion is cheaper you can buy it from website only in $317.3 because the coin rates on website are lower than the rates on app. After purchasing this Lion you can send it as a virtual gift to other TikTok users as a “winter Lion” in form of TikTok virtual gifts.

How many followers do you need to receive gifts?

At least you should have 1,000 followers on TikTok to receive any types of gifts on the app. Once you fulfilled thier criteria it is easy for you to earn any type of app-credit during your live sessions and videos.

How much do TikTok virtual gifts cost?

To determine the cost of any virtual gift in TikTok, you can follow these steps: Go to any TikTok LIVE session, click on the “gifts” icon, and browse through the available gifts until you find the one you’re interested in. The cost of that gift will be displayed in coins. To convert the cost into dollars, multiply the number of coins by 1.4 and divide the result by 100.

How much does it cost to buy 1 million coins on TikTok?

If you purchase 1 million coins within the TikTok app, it will cost $14,285. However, if you buy the coins on the TikTok website, the price for 1 million coins is $10,571.

How much are 1 million coins worth to a TikToker receiving gifts?

If a TikToker’s fans purchase them 1 million coins worth of virtual gifts during a LIVE session, the gifts will be converted into diamonds. These diamonds can then be redeemed for $5,000. On the other hand, if the fans buy 1 million coins worth of virtual gifts on a standard TikTok video, the gifts will be converted into diamonds that can be redeemed for $10,000.

How much are 10,000 diamonds worth on TikTok?

If you receive 10,000 diamonds during a TikTok Livestream, you can redeem them for $50. However, if you receive 10,000 diamonds on a standard TikTok video, you can redeem them for $100.

How much is a rocket on TikTok?

There are two types of rocket virtual gifts on TikTok: the “Shuttle” and the “Spaceship.” The TikTok Shuttle gift costs 20,000 coins ($280.00), while the TikTok Spaceship costs 13,999 coins ($195.99). The dollar amounts provided in parentheses are calculated based on the in-app exchange rate of 1.4 cents per coin.

How much is a TikTok galaxy worth?

There isn’t a virtual gift called “Galaxy” on TikTok, but there are other gifts related to space. The “Interstellar” gift costs 10,000 coins ($140), the “Planet” gift costs 15,000 coins ($210), and the “TikTok Universe” gift costs 34,999 coins ($489.99). The dollar amounts in parentheses are calculated using the exchange rate of 1.4 cents per coin. However, the actual dollar costs of these gifts may vary depending on factors such as bulk purchases and whether the coins are bought in-app or on the TikTok website.

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