How Do You Pin Videos on Tiktok?

If you open a Tiktok account of a well-known influencer, you will notice that they must have pinned videos on Tiktok. The pinned comments and videos appear at the top of TikToker’s profile.

Pinning videos and comments on TikTok is a new feature introduced in the updated version of the application. The pinning feature is primarily targeted toward making user engagement more manageable and hassle-free. Pinning your content on Tiktok helps rearrange your content in priority order. 

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However, those new to the app’s often think about how to pin videos on Tiktok. If you are also wondering so, you are at the right place! Continue with the following article to learn comprehensively what pinned means on the Tiktok video and how you can do so. 

By the end of the article, we also have notable tips and benefits of why you should pin your Tiktok content.

How to Pin Videos on Tiktok?

The pinning feature on Tiktok is still very new. Thus, only a few people know about it, and they often question how to pin Tiktok videos. But doing so is relatively easy. Instead, the process comprises a few simple steps. These include the following; 

  • Open your Tiktok account. 
  • Go to the bottom-right corner of the app; there, you will find the Profile button, Tap on it. 
  • Scroll to the videos you would like to pin to your profile. 
  • You can pin up to three videos at once on Tiktok. 
  • Open the first video you would like to pin. 
  • Click the “three dots” at the bottom-right corner of the video. 
  • In the Menu, you will find the “pin” option. Press on it. 
  • Now go back to your account page and refresh it
  • Check whether your desired video has been pinned. 
  • Repeat the procedure if you want to pin more videos.

How to See Pinned Videos on TikTok?

Now that you have learned how to pin a video on TikTok, let’s proceed to how to see pinned videos on TikTok. Many times you must have listened TikTokers asking their viewers to check out their pinned videos. But people unfamiliar with the pinned TikTok video find it difficult to locate such content. 

  • Go to the TikToker’s profile by clicking their title or photo icon. 
  • Scroll down to see the pinned videos. 
  • You will find videos (up to three) with a pin icon at their corners in the videos section. 
  • These will be called the “pinned” or “prioritized” videos. 
See Pinned Videos on TikTok

Why Should You Pin Videos on TikTok? 

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Almost every famous TikToker uses the pinning feature on their account these days. But the actual question is, does pinning a video on Tiktok help? The “pin” feature is one of the hidden gems on Tiktok that can drastically help you to improve your brand by directing user engagement to your desired videos. 

There needs to be a specific video arrangement on Tiktok. The older videos will go down the row as newer videos are uploaded to your account. But sometimes, there are situations when you want to enhance viewership for a certain video. You don’t want that video to get lost among the video crowd; instead, you want your audience to see it before anything else. 

In this case, you can use TikTok’s pin feature. The pin will help you bring important or desired videos to the top of your account. If any of your videos have gone viral, you can pin it so that new viewers can recognize you instantly as they check your profile. 

Similarly, sponsors also require you to maximize the viewership for the sponsored videos.

The pin feature has proved immensely successful for Instagram influencers, who can promote their sponsored videos better. And now, with its availability on Tiktok, Tiktokers are also expected to benefit from this feature similarly.

How to Unpin a Tiktok Video?

TikTok only allows you to pin only three videos at once. Besides, after some time, your pinned videos may lose their relevance. Replace them with newer or more important videos. 

To do so, you should be first familiar with how to unpin TikTok videos. Proceed with the following method to unpin videos on your TikTok account. 

  • Go to your TikTok account.
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Scroll down to the videos
  • The pinned videos will be featured at the top of your videos. They will have a pin icon at their corners. 
  • Click on the video you want to remove from the pinned section. 
  • At its bottom-right corner, click on three dots to enter video settings. 
  • In the Settings, you will find the “unpin” option. Tap on it. 
  • The video would no longer appear on your priority list.

Extra Tips: How to Pin Comment on Tiktok?

Like products and services, influence and content creators also need marketing. The best way to market yourself is by spreading “positive word of mouth.” Comments embark a huge impact on your user engagement.

 If your comments are nice and supportive, they will develop a good impression on the newer audience. However, if the comments are negative, they will adversely affect your viewership. 

Similarly, sometimes the context of your video cannot fit in the description box; you have to continue it in the comments. Thus, pinning this comment becomes crucial so that it is noticed among the others.

To know how you pin a TikTok comment, follow the below steps; 

  • Go to the comment section
  • Hold onto the comment you want to prioritize or highlight. 
  • Click on the “pin” option. 
  • Once pinned, the comment and its replies will appear at the top of the comment section. 
  • You can pin as many comments as you like.

Why I can’t pin a comment on TikTok?

If you can’t find the pin comment option on TikTok, remember that it’s only for creators who make videos, not those who watch them. If you want this feature, you must create and share videos regularly on TikTok to get more people to watch your videos. As viewers comment on your videos, you can pin comments on your TikTok post.

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Wrap Up

TikTok started as a casual entertainment place, but with time it has emerged as one of the biggest businesses in the world. People are garnering enormous fame and making millions through this platform. 

To gain success over this platform, you don’t only need creative skills, but you should also have a strategic approach. Social Media Marketing (SMM) and management are two of the most important attributes that help you promote your brand in a viable manner. 

Pinning videos and comments may seem like a forgettable feature. But it is an underrated feature that helps organize how your audience approaches your content. By learning how to pin videos on TikTok and using this feature appropriately, you can improve your account’s traffic within days. 

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